Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Fashionvibes greets you a warm welcome!

To avail of the service of Fashionvibes, you are considered to have acknowledged the agreements recorded in this. Everyone is advised to read these terms and conditions cautiously before purchasing Fashionvibes. This arrangement presents lawfully restricting agreements for your utilization of the site at www.fashionvibes.in.

Membership Eligibility

Fashionvibes welcomes everyone to shop from its online store. However, the minimum age limit is 18 years below and you need to seek discretion from your superiors for accessing our e-commerce store.

Fashionvibes maintains whatever authority is needed to end your participation and declines to give you admittance to our site. We are not accessible to people whose participation has been suspended or ended by Fashionvibes under any circumstance. If you are enlisting as a business element, you address that you have the power to tie the substance to this user agreement.

Registration Obligations

We will safeguard your information as per our privacy policy. You are liable for keeping up with the secrecy of your account and password and for limiting admittance to your computer or laptop.

Fashionvibes will not be at risk to any individual for any misfortune or harm which might emerge because of any disappointment by you to safeguard your secret record. If you know or suspect that another person knows your secret key, you ought to tell us by reaching us quickly through the location is given beneath.

If Fashionvibes accepts that there is probably going to be a break of safety or abuse of the website, we might expect you to change your secret phrase or we might suspend your record with no obligation to Fashionvibes.

You additionally consent to:

·                     Give valid, precise, current, and complete data about yourself in Fashionvibes'enrolment structure

·                     Keep up with and quickly update the Registration Data to keep it valid, precise, current, and complete

·                     If you give any data that is false, erroneous, deficient, or not current

·                     If Fashionvibes has sensible grounds to think that such data is false, wrong, not current, or not as per the User Agreement

In all the above cases, Fashionvibes will endlessly suspend or end your enrollment and decline to give you admittance to its website.

Price Estimation Data

While Fashionvibes endeavors to give precise item and value data, evaluating or typographical blunders might happen. Fashionvibes can't affirm the cost of an item until you request. If an item is recorded at an inaccurate cost or with wrong data because of a blunder in evaluating data, Fashionvibes will have the right, at our only caution, to reject or drop any requests set for that item, except if the item has previously been dispatched.

If a thing is misestimated, Fashionvibes may, at its prudence, either get in touch with you for directions or drop your request and inform you of such errors. Except if the item requested by you has been dispatched, your proposition won't be considered acknowledged, and Fashionvibes will reserve the privilege to change the cost of the item and reach you for additional directions utilizing the email address given by you during the hour of enrollment, or drop the request.

Dropping by Fashionvibes

It is to be noted that there might be requests that we can't acknowledge. We hold the right, at our only carefulness, to deny or drop any request under any circumstance. A few circumstances that might bring about your request being dropped remember constraints for amounts accessible for procurement, mistakes or blunders in the item or evaluating data.

We may, likewise, require extra checks or data before entertaining any request. We will get in touch with you if any request of yours is dropped or then again assuming extra data is expected to acknowledge your request.

Declined Transactions

Fashionvibes maintains all authority to recuperate the expense of merchandise, assortment charges, and attorney charges from people's misutilization of the site. Fashionvibes maintains all authority to start legal procedures against such people for deceitful utilization of the site and some other unlawful demonstrations or acts.

We will be under no obligation at all regarding any misfortune or harm emerging straightforwardly or by implication for any Transaction.

Electronic Communications

At the point when you visit the site or send messages to us, you are speaking with us electronically. You agree to electronically get correspondence from us. We will speak with you by email or through posts on the Site. All notifications, divulgences, and different correspondences that we give to you electronically fulfill any lawful prerequisite.

Conditions for Customer Support Chat

Fashionvibes or its leaders are not answerable for any delay caused in taking care of or answering inquiries through chatting.

While visiting the site, any sort of unpleasant data or unlawful activity will result in bad consequences. Our chat forum won't be utilized for selling any items or prompting on business opportunities or some other type of sales.

You Agree and Confirm

Fashionvibes maintains whatever authority is needed to affirm and approve the data and different subtleties given by you at any time of time. We can dismiss the enlistment and suspend you from utilizing our services and/or other partnered sites without advanced intimation.

Before submitting a request, you will check the item depiction cautiously. By submitting a request for an item, you consent to be limited by the states of offer remembered for the thing's depiction.

You will not make our website responsible for any of the following purposes:

·                     Spreading any unlawful, oppressive, compromising, or unsafe material

·                     Communicating material that comprises criminal offense

·                     Acquiring unapproved admittance to other electronic networks

·                     Disturbing organizations or other sites

·                     Putting away electronic duplicates of materials safeguarded by copyright without the authorization of the proprietor


Adjustment of Terms and Conditions of Service

Fashionvibes may out of the blue alter the terms and conditions of our site with no earlier notice to you. You ought to routinely audit the terms and conditions on Fashionvibes. If the altered terms and conditions do not sound appropriate, you ought to suspend utilizing the assistance.


Surveys, Feedback, and Submissions

All surveys, remarks, criticisms, ideas, thoughts, and different entries revealed, submitted, or proposed to Fashionvibes will be and remain Fashionvibes’ property. Such divulgence, accommodation, or any comment will establish a task to Fashionvibes of every single overall right, titles, and interests in all copyrights.

Fashionvibes will be qualified for using, recreating, unveiling, adjusting, making subsidiary works, distributing, showing, and conveying any comment you submit for no matter what reason.Fashionvibes is and will be under no commitment to keep up with any comments in certainty; to pay you any payment for any Comments, or to answer any Comments.

Fashionvibes doesn't consistently audit posted comments. However, we hold the right to alter or eliminate any comment submitted to the site. You are and will remain exclusively answerable for the substance of any comment.Fashionvibes and its associates assume no liability and expect no obligation for any comment put together by you or any outsider.

We Respect your Authorization

You are giving authorization by providing every detail on ourFashionvibes website regarding the utilization of such data. Assuming that you give your consent, it implies you have done unreservedly, willfully, and agreed to this policy. You can always reject or withdraw your approval for the personal data or information that you provided us earlier.

Fashionvibes will take such a refusal or withdrawal into consideration. However, it could imply that we are not able to keep up with our services and arrangements with you and will have the choice to cut off associations.

We will illuminate you regarding these failures, in case they happen. Be that as it may, we have the authority to hold such personal data or information that might be required to provide our remaining services to you.

As per our privacy policy, you must be completely knowledgeable about the personal information that is being gathered along with the reason behind it. Alongside, you should also be aware of all the people related to the personal data or information and also the organization’s name and address.

Since we regard your protection rights, we will take care of the following aspects:

·                     Individual Data or Information will be gathered, handled, recorded, put away, moved, managed, and taken care of following the relevant regulations/guidelines in India

·                     Individual Data or Information will be gathered for indicated, lawful and authentic purposes and will be utilized for the reason for which it has been gathered

·                     Individual Data or Information will be important for the reasons for which it is gathered and utilized

·                     Individual Data or Information will be current and precise with sensible initiatives taken to delete or modify incorrect personal data or Information

·                     Reasonable estimates will be taken to forestall unapproved access or use, unlawful handling, and unapproved or incidental misfortune, obliteration, or harm to such Personal Data or Information.

·                     You can always change your mind and withdraw your consent from letting us contact you or unsubscribe us for use or exposure of your data


Unforeseeable Circumstances

Fashionvibeswon’t take responsibility for the inability to meet one of its duties to the customer, assuming this disappointment is because of an instance of conflict, strike,lock-down, mishap, fire, flood, awful climate, interference, or suspension of the method for correspondence and additionally transport, barricade, blockage of commodities, etc.

Copyright and Trademark

Fashionvibes and its providers and licensors have complete copyright on all texts, programs, items, processes, innovations, contents, and different materials, which show up on this site. Admittance to this site doesn't give and will not be considered as presenting upon anybody any permit under any of Fashionvibes or any outsider's licensed innovation privileges.

Any utilization of this site or its products, remembering, replicating, or putting it away, entirely or partly, other than for your very own, non-business use is excluded without the authorization of Fashionvibes. You can't alter, disseminate or re-post anything on this site for any reason.


Fashionvibes may terminate this user agreement at any time and may do so immediately without notice, and accordingly deny you access to the site. Such termination will be without any liability to Fashionvibes.

Upon termination of the user agreement by either you or Fashionvibes, you must promptly destroy all materials downloaded or otherwise obtained from this site, as well as all copies of such materials.

Site Security

Fashionvibes will investigate occurrences that may involve such violations and may involve, and cooperate with, law enforcement authorities in prosecuting users who are involved in such violations. You make a deal to avoid utilizing any gadget, programming, or routine to endeavor to hinder the legitimate working of this site or any movement being led on this site.

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