Frequently Askeed Questions

Frequently Askeed Questions:-

·                     Can I easily track my package on your site?
YES - You can track your order clicking on this link.

·                     Can you send my package in a plain brown box with no explicit text or description of the product on it?
YES - We always ship discreetly with an non-descriptive company name and return address.

·                     Can I send you cheque?
YES - We accept personal checks and money orders. However, this may cause delays as we will not ship your order until we can cash it in... You will get your items much faster if you deposit money into our bank A/c directy or through NEFT. When we receive personnal checks, we sometimes have to wait up to 7 days before the check clears.

·                     Can I order something using the COD (Cash on delivery) method?

·                     Can you ship to my non-India country?
NO - High shipping costs and delays make this impractical, but also would not give the consumer the best value and most enjoyable e-commerce experience we strive to offer.

·                     Can you ship my order express?
YES - When available, we offer a 2 days guaranteed delivery (for an extra Rs.100).

·                     3 Days is not so bad, but can you do overnight?
NO - For practical reasons, our daily pickups are early in the morning, so overnight shipping is currently impossible. For the 3 days service, we use DTDC LITE 2nd Day air (or equivalent), if you add one day for the pickup, you get the 3 days. Overnight shipping would be very expensive, and you would still get your package only 2 days after your order. We would rather lose a sale than having an unsatisfied customer.

·                     I've placed an order on Friday, and I've paid for 3 day shipping. Today is Monday, and I still don't have my order, will you issue me a refund?
NO - Three days means three business days. Holidays and week-ends are excluded. If you placed your order on Friday, you will receive it on Wednesday. We use DTDC LITE 2nd day Air service (or equivalent), and we ship your order the day after you place it. It adds up to 3 days. If you get your package in more than 3 business days, we will gladly refund your shipping charges, but our service is very reliable, so chances are we won't have to.

·                     Who ships your orders?
All orders are shipped via DTDC LITE Ground for continental INDIA. The orders are shipped via Indian Post also where DTDC service is unavailable.

·                     Do you ship to Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur (Aizawl), Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir (remote address)?
YES - We ship to this remote addresses. It will take more than 5 days to deliver the parcel.

·                     How long does it take before I will receive my order?
Arrival times vary, however orders take 1 - 7 to reach destination after shipping. Average orders are usually shipped on the next business day if your order was placed before 4 PM EST. If an item is out of stock it might take up to 7 Business days before we ship. If a special item is backorder, and delays are to be expected, we will contact you to discuss alternatives and give a chance to cancel your order.

·                     Can I have my order shipped to a DTDC courier Office?
YES - However your order will be shipped via DTDC LITE to DTDC courier Office address, if you have any problem in receiving the parcel to your home address.

·                     Can I cancel/refund/return my order?
MAYBE - We do not accept returns on any opened products. However if a product has a manufacturing defect or was damaged during shipping you will be given the option of either returning with refund, or receiving a replacement. Cancellations are not accepted after product has been shipped within the delays specified in the terms of usage agreement (please read the policy carefully).

·                     I really enjoyed my product, can I write a review?
YES - Simply go in the detail of the product you would like to write a review about there is a link you can follow to add your review. You can even write a review about a product you did like. ALL feedback is welcome!

·                     Can I buy pornography such as DVD movies, Magazines or VHS?
NO - We do not carry any pornographic material in our store. We sell fashion apparal & accessories only.

·                     How much does it cost for shipping?
3 days shipping is absolutely free.

·                     I have a unanswered question, where can I get more information?
Contact us We will reply to all inquiries within 24 hours.

·                     I did send you an email, but it's been more than 24 hours and I still haven't got a reply!
We DO answer every emails we get. There might be many reasons for an unanswered email :
1. Our email address is public, so we get about 2000 emails a day. Most of those emails are to lower our mortgage rate, or for penis enlargement pills. We try not to disregard any emails, but we might accidently delete a legitimate email. This is the most probable reason, but there might be other reasons why we could not reply to your mail. Please try again, we spend a lot of time answering emails, and we strongly beleive that every person who takes the time to write us, deserves a reply.
2. Chances are that we DID answer your email, but that you have a spam filter. Fashion, Bags, Footwear, Watch, Mobile, Note Book, Fashion Sarees, Kurti will most defenetly trigger any spam filters. There isn't much we can do about that. (We could use some kind of code, but then who would understand?) If you can't disable your spam filter, then give us a call.